Friday, 5 February 2010

I Know... I dropped off of the face of the earth... again!

I'm sorry.

Let me start with my first disappearance...

Not long after my last post in Feb 2009 our dog was taken ill with an aggressive cancer. Only a few weeks later we had lost him.
As we had some time to get used to it we had discussed what we would do when we lost him and so not long after we added to our family in the form of one and then another
friendly dogs.

During the months that followed grieving, training our new dogs, mountains of work and fighting the recession kept me stupidly busy.

In November I found Feithline (previously known as Darkly Fey) had begun a new pod cast along with a spiritual practice course. With the Celtic year being new I thought this would be a wonderful time to begin something such as this.

Unfortunately within a month the Christmas rush had hit in the office and that meant the Spirits Cast course had to take a back seat. Not only that but over the festive period I lost my two wonderful cats, so the year ended in more grief. (No, no more additions to the family as yet)

Well now the New Years madness seems to be lessening so in the next few weeks and months I may have some time to dedicate to myself, my spirituality and my blogging.

We can only wait, see and hope.

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