Monday, 8 February 2010

Am I A Fluffy Bunny?

Over the past..days? weeks? months?... well the last while anyway... I've been thinking about what is termed "The Fluffy Bunny".

Many people seem to lump using crystals and other "new age" techniques, being all about the doing only good and other such things in with the fluffy-bunnyism. Many of this reminds me of myself and I'm left feeling a little guilty for it.

The question is why should I feel guilty about it? What's wrong with being a "fluffy bunny"? I use crystals because I can feel something in them. I will only do good with spell craft and go to long ends agonising about this because I feel that spirituality is something I want in my life to make me a better person. Yes I want to get closer to nature and the force that flows through it all, but what's the point if it doesn't make me a better person?

So yes... I am probably a fluffy bunny... hand me my ears and my pom-pom tail! And while your at it tell me.... why does this make me any less a valid pagan than you?

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