Monday, 9 February 2009


I've always been a meat eater. Only once toying with the idea back in my teens when it was fashionable to be vegetarian.

I strongly believe that we humans are strict omnivores. That we need meat in order to stay healthy - it's part of our makeup.

However recently I've been feeling that I can't eat meat. Not that I shouldn't, but that I can't. I feel guilty, I feel wrong, I feel like..... well that I can't.

So I've decided while I am not going to go vegetarian I'm going to cut meat from my diet as much as possible. I'm switching to tofu and quorn where I once wouldn't think of reaching for chicken or pork.

I'm wondering if this could be to do with an awakening I seem to be going through. I think I'm feeling more in touch with things. My animal empathy seems to be on an all time high. I can feel the world more sharply. I'm aware of the grass, trees and other plants outside my window even when I'm facing the other direction. I've never been a dog person but recently I just can't walk past a dog with out a big fuss.

Another thing... birds don't seem to scare from my presence as much as usual. Or am I just noticing them more? The robin in the garden sang to me and my partner this morning (well probably swearing at us as we hadn't got the bird seed out) I felt totally blessed, and a male blackbird sat and looked at me from the fence only 3 foot away as I walked to my car.


Lisa said...

my personal feelings is that it does indeed have to do with your ascention or awakening.
bluntly put, animal flesh is heavy energy- animals are killed and this energy is still in the meat we eat. We, as a race, are becoming more finely tuned, more highly evolved spiritually and our needs and wants are changing. No longer can we tolerate the heavier energies of the past, when we are moving into ascention so fast.

These are just my thoughts- while ia m not a vegetarian as such, I scarcly eat meat.
Loving animals and nature just doesnt correspond to killing and eating animals, so i have had to find a balance.

Thank you for your post, it has once again got me thinking about how the energy we put into our bodies effects us on all levels.

Lisa xx

Purple Dusk said...

Lisa, I love your comments!

I never thought of the heavy energy. I must look at that more. I've been thinking more and more about how I am getting in touch with nature and the world around me, and wondering how many others might be going through the same or similar things.

It's nice to see some one else who is not vegetarian but is being careful about the about of meat they eat.

Interestingly the SAD seems to be lifting since I've stopped eating meat. Could be coincidence- but... we'll see :)

Rab said...

I can empathize with this experience. I will be following along, if you don't mind.



Malicious Intent said...

Perhaps what you are feeling is what man before modern times felt about animals, which is why it was such a big deal if a cow or a goat or lamb was slaughtered. They thanked the animal for providing nutrient to us human. They seemed to be more in tune with the sacrifice the animal was making.

To many folks don't think about where their food came from these days, they don't have the messy business of looking at their next meal in the eye.

jaz said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for following me at Whisper Woods!

Now for the vegetarianism thing...
I am a carnivore. I could NOT be a vegetarian, i know people just go "Oh you could if you tried". No... I hate lettuce, i hate most veggies, etc. Its just... no... I love meat. I feel bad for slaughtered animals, and i hate it. But I still eat healthy.

May you dream a thousand and one dreams,
Sloan Abernathy