Monday, 9 February 2009


I've always been a meat eater. Only once toying with the idea back in my teens when it was fashionable to be vegetarian.

I strongly believe that we humans are strict omnivores. That we need meat in order to stay healthy - it's part of our makeup.

However recently I've been feeling that I can't eat meat. Not that I shouldn't, but that I can't. I feel guilty, I feel wrong, I feel like..... well that I can't.

So I've decided while I am not going to go vegetarian I'm going to cut meat from my diet as much as possible. I'm switching to tofu and quorn where I once wouldn't think of reaching for chicken or pork.

I'm wondering if this could be to do with an awakening I seem to be going through. I think I'm feeling more in touch with things. My animal empathy seems to be on an all time high. I can feel the world more sharply. I'm aware of the grass, trees and other plants outside my window even when I'm facing the other direction. I've never been a dog person but recently I just can't walk past a dog with out a big fuss.

Another thing... birds don't seem to scare from my presence as much as usual. Or am I just noticing them more? The robin in the garden sang to me and my partner this morning (well probably swearing at us as we hadn't got the bird seed out) I felt totally blessed, and a male blackbird sat and looked at me from the fence only 3 foot away as I walked to my car.