Friday, 30 January 2009

Fighting Hibination

I have SAD. Not I am sad, I have SAD.
In fact right now I don't feel sad in the slightest. But I am very tired, and tired of being tired, and tired of not wanting to go anywhere, see anyone, or do anything.
I feel like I'm in a never ending battle, just to break out of the shell that I'm in. That's a great part of why I've not been blogging, and for those who know me on any other forums or even in real life why I've not been about anywhere.
My body feels like it's moving through treacle, sometimes even just typing feels like an effort.
I realised how bad I was getting yesterday when I was using a soap that I know will trigger dermatitis on my hands rather than lean over about a foot or two to reach my all natural, anti-reactive soap. It just felt like it was too much effort.
I keep forgetting things, both important and not important.
Why do I feel like this? What can I do to get my self out of it?
I have started with healthy eating - I'm getting much more vitamins and minerals than I used to - I keep forgetting to take my vitamin capsules though. lol
I have every intention of exorcising.... it just hasn't seemed to have been realised yet.
I have to start using my light box again - I just keep making excuses to myself why I can't turn it on when I have it sat on my desk where I'm working.
My whole body and soul seems to say I should be hibernating - somewhere cosy, somewhere dark, somewhere away from people to see and places to be and things to do.
Anyway.... rant over.... Any suggestions - please.... let me know!


Pax said...

Light Box... get yourself to a full spectrum light box... or look for full spectrum bulbs in the store... they will help you deal with SAD... As an (until recently) Life Long Alaskan I can tell you you need to make sure you are getting the full light spectrum... also avoid flourescents ... I cannot remember why but if you are SAD inclined they can be bad for you psychologically...


Lisa said...

do you read karen Bishops earth reports ? they explain alot about what is going on wit earth energies and how they are affecting us- i thought of her straight away when i read your post. I see a lot of people moving through the same phase as you right now ( myself included) and yes, it does feel like cement boots. I like that you have sad and am not sad. makes sense to me.
blessed be
Lisa xx

Curious Curandera said...

I totally understand what you are talking about. I think most people feel this way at times but maybe not understand what is happening. You are very in tune with yourself which is the fascinating part.

Purple Dusk said...

Pax, I have a full spectrum light box. And I am now switching the on switch - lets hope I keep on with it. I'll have to look into the fluorescents - that's our main light in the office :S thanks for letting me know.

Lisa - I haven't but I'm sure going to look it up! :D Cement boots is spot on. Just wish I didn't feel like this so often.

Curious Curandera - Thanks :) I try to be as in tune as I can be. It's not easy but in order to become in tune with the world I think I need to first be with myself.

Meagan said...

I get this way too - Vitamin D and B complex seems to help me a lot.

If you can remember to take them.

Rambling Rose said...

I wrote about this on my blog recently, too. Taking St.John's Wort has been really helpful for me...