Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Experiencing Deity

Darkly Fey from The Dark Side of Fey has asked for thoughts on Experiencing Deity so with out further Adoo..... lol.....

On the topic of Experiencing Deity:

My usual visualisation is a simple field or paddock with poppy's and other wild flowers wave in the breeze, there are rabbits and squirrels hopping about while starlings and sparrows flit from the solitary tree to the floor and fly in circles, the sun shines down warming the plants and animals while fluffy white clouds rain in the distance.

This is very different to the experience I had some weeks back while meditating after getting some advice from Sparrow and Mojo of the Wigglian Way. I found my self walking in a castle or a cathedral that was very old and worn the sandstone having been worn away through time. I became aware of a bright sliver-white spray of light that although was incredibly bright did not hurt my eyes or dazzle me - it moved off and I felt compelled to follow being beckoned by a presence that was warming and gentle.

I followed this presence through an archway and up a spiral stair case spiralling clockwise, so many turns I had no chance of counting. She, for a felt it was a she, led my out into a long corridor, with archways on the left and as I emerged she was no longer present but there was a spray of golden yellow, masculine light. He led me on a merry dance through the arches always keeping just out of my view. round and round in circles but this time anticlockwise... bringing a balance to the clockwise of the lady of white. Having unwound my path he stopped and appeared in the centre of the room. Behind the pillar we had been chasing around was a mattress on the floor - soft, heavy, welcoming. And appearing on the wall - a huge wood fire in a fire place a tall as a man. I heard or felt a voice as if in a dream "Child, you may come here as often as you wish, any time you feel the need of solace or comfort this place will be here for you to rest"

I lay till I felt refreshed and then made my way back to the present... feeling warmth, love and understanding.

This may be the wild imaginings of my tired mind but I felt a presence there with me. I have felt spirits before, none that I would say were deity, but whether these two were of the divine or not - it's the closest I've ever come.

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