Monday, 3 November 2008

Samhain Introductions

Well this Samhain I formally introduced myself to the divine and the ancestors.

I set up a little alter in the cosy sitting room, and asked my partner to stand guard so the dog didn't career in, eat my biscuits and swipe all my kit off of the altar (come coffee table) while I had my bath. I bathed in organic callendula petal and neroli oil sea salts and callendula petal and nerioli oil soap. Feeling thoroughly cleansed and refreshed I made my way back down the the siting room. The room had a completely different feel to it to normal - my partner had felt he couldn't change the lighting or put the TV on or anything - he knew the atmosphere had changed and it all ready felt like we were no longer alone.

As we are truly entering the dark time of the year I have swapped my usual white rock salt for a black sea salt - it felt very fitting as my earth element at Samhain.

I invited in the elements, requested their guidance and protection then called the ancestors and the divine. I could feel the gathered energies and presence within the room. I called out to them, that they may know me and meditated - I have no idea how long but I do know it ended up a very late night. After meditating asked for guidance on my path via my Tarot cards (perhaps more of that in a later post) and then shared some food and drink and said my farewells.

I had one of the best nights sleep ever afterwards and two days later I still feel refreshed and loved.

I think I could say my first ritual went well.


Celestite said...

That sounds wonderful. After a good ritual I feel like I'm walking on air.

Purple Dusk said...

It was.

And I did.

Thanks for commenting on this :D