Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Well - I've been tagged for the first time by Mrs B from Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom

1. I have a massive fear of baked beans and tinned tuna. Even so I really like raw tuna in sushi!

2. At the moment I write this I am having cravings for scallops and Spam fritters - an not not the nice delicate flavoured, healthy, lightly seared shell fish the big fat greasy potato fried with a coating of batter that you get from the chippy! Which is made worse by the fact I am on a weight management plan which appears to be working. It's just on the principle of making small changes to diet and exercise that you can keep with for the rest of your life. I've not lost a huge amount but I'm going in the right direction and my waist has already lost an inch and a half. Shame I'm not yet feeling it really.

3. When I was little I used to run out of the bathroom after flushing the toilet at night convinced that if I didn't the "evil witches" would find me by the sound! (I still don't like flushing the loo at night when every one's in bed)

4. When I get stressed I can't stand standing on the cracks in the pavement or getting "in the way" of sharp corners.

5. The parts of my body I like most are my thumbs and my feet. Even though I have really odd little toes.

6. I have a mug obsession..... yes that's right, unlike most women who have things about shoes, handbags, etc I just can't resist a cute Mug! I also have different mugs for different moods.

7. The songs Grace Kelly by Mika and Basket Case By Green Day remind me of my teenage years. Although I know they made me who I am today I certainly don't believe your schooldays are the best years of your life!

I'd like to tag:
The Holy Dark from The Paramedic Brat
Both Mama Kelly and Lady Rose at 2 Witches Blog
Celestite at A Pagan Tapestry
Erin from Memoirs of a Solitary Witch

and I'll think of anyone else at a later date!


mrsb said...

I have an obsession with nice pens. Not too nice, but the $6 or $8 one you get in the stationary shop.

Baked beans? That is weird, lol!

Celestite said...

Thanks for the tag, but I am going to pass. I have been tagged so many times and tagged people who were not impressed! I think I am going to bow out of the game, it was fun while it lasted!

DarklyFey said...

I love mugs, too. Lately, my favourite is my Wigglian Way mug. The entire household knows it's my mug and don't dare use it. It does my heart good, in a house full of people, to have one thing that's mine, all mine. :D

SunTiger said...

Since I feel offended by foul odors, I also despise baked beans. LOL. {Nice blog entry. Thank you for sharing!}