Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I Don't Want To De Subjected To Your Music!!!!

What is it with some Bloggers, My Spacers, Pagan Spacers etc?

Why do they feel that just because we are looking at their page that, no matter how good or bad their music taste is, that we want to be subjected to a barrage of their taste of music?

I am fed up to the back teeth of going on various web pages to be blasted with mind numbing, teeth gnashing, infuriating noise!

I don't care what you listen to! I don't care how "good" your music taste is! I really really don't want to hear it! It just makes me want to get off of your site/page and stops me caring what you have to say or who you are!

I'm fed up with the noise! I'm fed up with it being IMPOSED on me!!!!! GAH!


DarklyFey said...

I'm SO with you there. I can't stand coming upon a page and being assaulted by music. It feels like a violation, you know? I didn't invite that sound into my life, yet, there it is! Ew!


Purple Dusk said...

I know. I'm glad it's not just me! I often find myself scrolling up and down a site cursing while jabbing at the stop button so I don't have some odd mixing of noise with whatever I'm listening to.

Livia Indica said...

Urgh. That infuriates me too! I don't mind if a blog has the option of listening to selected songs. But when the music starts automatically is pisses me off royal!!! This is especially since most of the time I'm reading online I'm already listening to my own music selection.

Purple Dusk said...

That's a big part of why I hate it. I'm usually listening to music or a podcast - if someone has an option to listen to music on a page...really nice thought. But it's just rude, arrogant and wrong to expect everyone to want to listen to the music you've chosen to put on it.