Friday, 15 August 2008

I have truly discovered

This site allows you to listen to music and recommends new artists based on your music taste.

I am finding new Pagan artists that I love.

Not only can I listen to my favourites, such as Chalice and Blade, Spiral dance and Libana, while I'm in work, I've discovered Damh the Bard, Omnia, Emerald Rose, and Three Weird Sisters among others.

If you're on don't forget to check out my group Witchy Pagans I'm hoping to get together a group of people who have a similar taste in pagan music.
Hope to see you there!


Wigglian said...

Hello, Purple Path. thanks so much for playing Chalice and Blade on your site.

As far as the solo career goes, I have three bed tracks laid down and hope to get some more work done on these as the winter progresses.

Bodecea said...

Hi Purple Path,

hey, thank you for recommanding Cahlice and Balde to me!

I really like it.


Purple Dusk said...

Mojo - I'm loving Chalice and Blade - I have the album, the parnassus album, and toil and trouble and tapestry - But I'm still wanting more!

bodecea - I'm glad I could introduce you to them - I hope you've found their singles and down loaded toil and trouble is my fave!