Wednesday, 23 July 2008

About This Blog and Me - Attempt Two

As I had to post before the last one was finished I thought I'd try again!

This blog is all about my journey along my path and where it takes me (Or I take it).

It is for me to see where I have come from and what I have learnt and it's to share that with anyone who's interested or maybe just nosey. It's about my emotional and spiritual growth. About my quest for wisdom and knowledge.

I feel a call to nature and healing. I want to follow in the footsteps of the wise woman and midwife. I want to use herbs, energy work and magic for good, for healing and helping people. It is in may nature help.

I hope I will be able to document each landmark I pass and use this to understand my self better and help me with where to go next. This may and up as a long list of questions or a collection of experiences - I'll find out when I get there.

A little about me:

I'm in my mid 20s and already feeling old. I was brought up an Anglican christian but it was never forced on me - I just happened to have a Christan family and went to an Anglican school.
I think this might have something to do with why I occasionally will blaspheme with a christian slant. I have also been know to use "Gordon Bennett" and "Blooming Nora" but that doesn't mean I believe in them either! ;)

I have interests in:
  • Healing using herbs, crystals, energy work and naturopathy
  • Photography and photo editing
  • Computer games (PC mainly but a little PS3 now)
  • Paganism and witchcraft
  • Midwifery
  • Reading (factual stuff about what I've put in this list and Fantasy)

Not quite sure what else put put here so I'll post it and I'll see if I have anything to add later and I'll add it to a new post (this post has been in progress for at least a fortnight of lunch times - good grief I'm slow)

Any comments are appreciated - it's be nice to know if there's anyone out there reading this and anything that gives me something to think about is always good.

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