Friday, 19 February 2010

Things To Be Thankfull for - Feb 2010

  1. Having a roof over my head and food on my table. In a recession like we've been having this small blessing is one we can't take for granted.
  2. My Mum and Dad - even though I've not been living with them for a few years now I'm having a blot of home-sickness :(
  3. My two big hairy doggies.
  4. Employment - again with the economy how it is having employment is a blessing. Also having employment you enjoy is even better.
  5. The Internet and my laptop - with out it most of the time I'd feel completely cut off from the outside world.
  6. My Car - it's a beaut and it gives me a sense of freedom nothing ever has before.
  7. The rabbits I see on my car journey every morning - it's been great watching them grow up over the past year and I'm looking forward to seeing more offspring this spring.
  8. A warm bed on a cold night.
  9. The warm heart and caring nature of my significant other - I don't know what I could ever have done to deserve such love and kindness.
  10. I can now talk to my sibling on the phone and have a proper conversation. Here's to growing up.
  11. Blog followers - last year I had 10 I now have 20 according to my dashboard - although I'm not sure many still follow after my very very long MIA period.

Well that's it for now... I'm sure I could think up more but I'll leave it at that for now. I've achieved more on my list this year so hopefully that means I'm looking at not taking things for granted as much as I usually do! Step in the right direction me thinks.

Spring is Comming!!!

There are snow drops everywhere, the crocuses/croci are springing up from between the leaves, buds are growing, birds are beginning to sing louder. I've even seen the beginnings of daffodils poking their heads out of the ground in places where we never see daff's before we're nearing the end of March.

Life is coming back to the earth.

Soon the winter will be over and my feelings of grogginess and lethargy will lessen. Waking up in the morning wont feeling like climbing Everest. I might even start feeling like I want to leave the house in the mornings rather than feeling like only going because I feel I don't have a choice.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Purple People

These guys look realy interesting! Check them out, tell me what you think!

Am I A Fluffy Bunny?

Over the past..days? weeks? months?... well the last while anyway... I've been thinking about what is termed "The Fluffy Bunny".

Many people seem to lump using crystals and other "new age" techniques, being all about the doing only good and other such things in with the fluffy-bunnyism. Many of this reminds me of myself and I'm left feeling a little guilty for it.

The question is why should I feel guilty about it? What's wrong with being a "fluffy bunny"? I use crystals because I can feel something in them. I will only do good with spell craft and go to long ends agonising about this because I feel that spirituality is something I want in my life to make me a better person. Yes I want to get closer to nature and the force that flows through it all, but what's the point if it doesn't make me a better person?

So yes... I am probably a fluffy bunny... hand me my ears and my pom-pom tail! And while your at it tell me.... why does this make me any less a valid pagan than you?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hibination - I'm sure that should be hibernation.

Interesting thing, it seems the most visits to this blog are links from google searching for hibination. Yes that is an awful typo, I can't say I'm surprised that I missed it, spelling not being my forte and all. But I'm surprised that I'm getting so many hits, One night I had four with in an hour.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone who found this blog via this search as to what they were looking for.

As far as hibernation goes this year. I really feel like I am, I just can't wake up in the mornings and I feel sleepy and strange all day. If it weren't for big piles of work to do I think I'd be sleeping all the time right now.

Still it's my own fault, I've not been using my light box, and most nights I feel too tired to go to bed early (I know that sounds backward but I'm sure there are those out there that know what I mean).

Maybe when I've won the lottery (hah hah) I can spend a fortnight in a luxury hotel only waking up to eat and to soak in a bath / hot tub / swimming pool. Until then... roll on Spring!!!!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Things to be Grateful / Thankful For Feb 09

Inspired by Jax's slot on The Dark Side of Fey

1. Podcasters
Darkly Fey
Sparrow and Mojo

2. Pagan Musicians
Damh the Bard
The now disbanded Chalice and Blade
Spiral Dance
Gaia Consort

3. Family
My Parents
My Sibling
My Grandparents both on this plane and those that have moved on.

4. My Partner (included in "My Family" but deserves a point out side)
This person makes me complete - I can't tell you how in love I am. Many, many years of being together and I still can't believe how lucky I am.

5. Animal Companions (included in "My Family" but deserves a point out side)
My dear dog
My darling Cats - Especially the wonky one which is recovering so well even if he is lazy and expects to be carried everywhere
My rescued bird which flew the nest some months ago *sniff*

6.First Signs of Spring
Leaf buds on trees shrubs and bushes.
The first crocus I spied just over a week ago.
The light coming earlier each morning

7. Blog Followers
I have 10 *shock*
I can't say how much it means to think that my thoughts might be interesting to others.
I love the comments left by others. It may not be why I do this but it really lifts my spirits!

8. My body
I think I've been very ungrateful for this in the past. But right now I can see how much of a miracle it is to be able to feel, to smell, to hear, to see, to walk, to run, to hold something in my hands.

9. Friends
Those that I've met in real life, online and both! I just wish I was more worthy of them sometimes - still all that's changing, I am a new and evolving person.

This was written last year and never posted, not much has changed.
  • My pets are now gone, but more are in my life.
  • The bit about being a new and evolving person never really materialised. I've not long been making the selfsame promise to my self that I will be better this year and I'll get in touch and stay in touch with those that matter to me. The fact that I had said that to myself last year and not only failed but forgot I'd even made that promise makes me sad and doubtful about my chances for this year. But I'm not going to let that win!
  • Talking about spring coming makes me hopeful that winter may soon begin to end - that would make me very happy

Friday, 5 February 2010

I Know... I dropped off of the face of the earth... again!

I'm sorry.

Let me start with my first disappearance...

Not long after my last post in Feb 2009 our dog was taken ill with an aggressive cancer. Only a few weeks later we had lost him.
As we had some time to get used to it we had discussed what we would do when we lost him and so not long after we added to our family in the form of one and then another
friendly dogs.

During the months that followed grieving, training our new dogs, mountains of work and fighting the recession kept me stupidly busy.

In November I found Feithline (previously known as Darkly Fey) had begun a new pod cast along with a spiritual practice course. With the Celtic year being new I thought this would be a wonderful time to begin something such as this.

Unfortunately within a month the Christmas rush had hit in the office and that meant the Spirits Cast course had to take a back seat. Not only that but over the festive period I lost my two wonderful cats, so the year ended in more grief. (No, no more additions to the family as yet)

Well now the New Years madness seems to be lessening so in the next few weeks and months I may have some time to dedicate to myself, my spirituality and my blogging.

We can only wait, see and hope.